To Valerie, Billy and all others who have made disparaging remarks about the SCV & UDC in regards to the SC state flag and heritage defense:


I don’t speak for the UDC, although I am a member.  I don’t speak for the SCV, although I am a member of the Order of Confederate Rose and attend most of my local SCV camp’s meetings, and my husband and son are SCV members.  But I will say this.  You have spent a good deal of time running down some truly fine defenders of Southern Heritage, who may not even be aware of what you are griping about!  I have read accusations leveled against the SCV, but have seen no evidence to back up those accusations. 
I just spent all day Saturday in Lexington, VA at Lee/Jackson Day events.  A PBS film crew was there for all the events, and I was one of the folks who spent a great deal of time speaking our minds about our heritage and "our" flag.  The Lee/Jackson Day events were sponsored by our local SCV camp.  I know that the SCV stands up for our heritage; I’ve been there to personally see many of the heritage struggles in which they have participated.  I have also known people who deliberately gave the impression that they represented one or the other of the two organizations, when, in fact, they were simply members with no authority to speak for the organization.  Is that the case with this flag issue? 
When someone gives serious evidence that either of the national organizations have abandoned their heritage defense, then I’ll give serious consideration to abandoning them.  But until then, I for one will still consider these two fine organizations to be our best heritage representatives.  If either is going in the wrong direction it is up to the members to correct that situation.  Our enemies are many and love nothing better than when we fight against each other!
Have a Dixie day!
Connie Dorsey