SCV call to duty; we will rally in Ironton Ohio.
The date is set, Saturday, September 26, 2009, Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Men of the SCV,
I sent a letter, a final plea, to the Ironton Parade Committee Grand Marshall, Mr. Arthur Pierson, on August 12, 2009 asking for an apology and the right to march in the Ironton Parade.
As of today, August 19, 2009, I have not received a response.
We have attempted to talk this through with the Mayor of Ironton, and Mr. Pierson. We have sent letters to the Editor of the Ironton Tribune. We have had the press run the story. In my opinion we have done everything possible to end this Heritage Violation on a private level.
As the Ohio Division Commander I now must base any future decisions and actions on their unwillingness to negotiate a settlement to this issue.
Therefore, I now call the men of the SCV to duty; we will rally in Ironton Ohio.
The date is set, Saturday, September 26, 2009, Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Gathering location will be at the field on the corner of 2nd Street and Adams Street in Ironton.
We do know we will be marching about 6 blocks from the initial gathering place, straight through Ironton to Ironton’s government building.
I ask that each member pass this information on to everyone they know. We will fill their streets with people that have taken offense to Ironton’s disregard of our Ancestors Veteran status.
I ask that everyone that is attending to bring Confederate Flags to this event to represent our Confederate Heritage, and please bring US Flags also to show our American Heritage to the public. We need to demonstrate that this isn’t a “politically correct” issue but a Veteran issue.
I strongly urge you to attempt to get as many as your Camp members to this rally as possible.
Please try to get a head count no later than September 12, 2009 and send the numbers to:
Bud Strausbaugh;
We need to put the number of people attending on the permit so please get the head count in as soon as you can.
Try to arrive early; we will start the march at 9 AM sharp. If you can’t make it to the field, meet us at the Government Building on Park Avenue and 4th street.
Do not speak to the press unless given prior approval by me. All I ask for now; is to gather as many members, relatives, southern minded friends, that will come down to the rally in support of our Ancestors.
Again please be prepared to offer any assistance to this rally as you can.
Send all Funds to:
Mark Wells
Contact Mark for address

I have stated for years that a fight was coming, and now it is here. We must set aside any differences we have and form a battle line with our SCV brothers.
Make no mistake, the fight has already begun, we are in the battle, and we have now been ordered forward.
I hope to see the Ohio Division Compatriots at the front waving their Ohio Division Flag in the face of our adversaries.
Although we had wished for a quiet resolution to this, it is not to be, we cannot not back down, we will show the Mayor, and the parade Committee exactly what the consequences of their actions, or inaction will be.
Remember this, we did not ask for this fight, we did not seek confrontation, it was thrust upon us and we must answer; rapidly and in numbers.
Please be prepared for further instructions, they will be forth coming.
Thank you,
Michael Lawson
The Ohio Division
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