Sons of Confederate Veterans – CALL TO ACTION

Tuesday – August 5, 2014

Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

Compatriots, Sons Of Confederate Veterans, our heritage and Southern symbols, flags, parks, buildings have in recent times most especially the past 10 years been under Liberal political attack.

We have all seen the removal of the Confederate Battle flags from the front entrance of the Museum of the Confederacy, next door to the Confederate WhiteHouse. We have witnessed the two Confederate battle flags forced off the front of the Confederate Chapel on the grounds of the Old Confederate Soldiers home in Richmond Virginia adjacent to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.Just a couple of weeks ago the Confederate flags located in the Lee Chapel of Washington and Lee again were forced to be removed. Now Ole Miss is working with the evil from the Museum of the Confederacy, Waite Rawls, a traitor in my opinion to our ancestors and what the SCV stands for, and he is also likely connected to the actions of the VMFA as well as consulting the Ole Miss folks to change the Schools name, and the renaming of some streets to rid the connections to the Confederacy. I am not directly involved, and if what I have stated is not 100% accurate, please advise me and I will print a correction. The Virgina Flaggers, people who are mostly if not all,. decendents of Confederate soldiers and sailors, have been hard at work in protesting the above noted actions at the MOC, VMFA, W&L, and in making visits with encouragement as well as  some members and non members walk the sidewalks weekly with Confederate battle flags at various sites such as the VMFA and other sites in protest of these unfair, discriminatory actions against our heritage and our history. The flaggers and  many silent supporters have been instrumental in getting (3) flagpoles constructed, with Confederate battle flags flying proudly today. (2) along busy Interstate 95 In Virginia, and a third flagpole was raised by a young flagger in Henrico County, Va. on private land in site of state historical markers describing the battles at Savages Station. I also see that the SCV camp #1921 Tallahassee Armory Guards  have constructed a flagpole and the flag is today flying along highway 63 in Alabama. These are commendable actions, but I must now say, I am embarrassed that more from the organized Sons of Confederate Veterans has not done this. Where are you SCV camps, WHY ARE YOU NOT IN THIS FIGHT TO STAND UP IN A TANGIBLE WAY AND TO RAISE CONSTRUCT FLAGPOLES AND FLAGS ON PRIVATE LANDS ALONG HIGHWAYS WHERE THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG IS TO BE ILLUMINATED BY GODS SUNSHINE IN THE DAY, AND BY BRIGHT LIGHTS AT NIGHT.

I ask, I urge ALL the SCV Camps to begin fund raising and to contact the Virginia flaggers and camp #1921, to make plans to install a 80′ to 100 ft. tall flag poles with a 40′ or larger Confederate Battle flags at various highways across the South. It is time to get involved. Get the most significant symbol of the CSA, Jefferson F. Davis, Robert E. Lee and all the officers and men, and all the women who were part of the Confederate States of America, a flag they would be proud to see if they were here today, and fly a flag at your house, it is time for guts and backbones, no more surrenders, we must move forward assert ourselves back into the light, and to be proud of our ancestors and all they did and what they stood for.

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