SCV Awards
I recently had two S.C.V. awards bestowed upon me by the leadership of the Captain John Low C.S.N. camp 2161. A Certificate of Appreciation from the camp and the Meritorious Service Medal from the National S.C.V. on July 24th 2009.
Jerry Wells & John Collier of this camp recommended me for these awards & did so without ever having met me but, based solely on merit through my thousands of letters in defense of Dixie since 1986. I thank them both for their faith in my efforts over the last 23 years.
What they may not have know is that my dedication & other efforts for Dixie have also been done through the years in the fields of re-enacting battles, living histories for schools, work at a local Confederate museum including, keeping it open on weekends for about 3 years, continually flying the Confederate Battleflag in my yard etc, etc.
Jerry Wells lives in Richmond Virginia, John Collier Lives in Scarborough England & I live in Ashville Alabama. How sad it is that there are many local unsung heroes who have never been recognized for much of anything during their many years of service to the S.C.V.
Sadly, local compatriots are too busy prejudging fellow members & jumping to conclusions about them to see past their pedigrees, good or bad, to award the truly deserving among them based entirely upon merit instead of their perceived standing in local society.
Until these kinds of practices are stopped members cannot be retained or attracted to volunteer their time towards any organization which thinks so little of them.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama