Letters to the Editor for 5/17/2005

Dear Editor,

Descendants of Confederate Veterans greatly appreciated Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker attending the Confederate Memorial Day ceremony at the State Capitol on April 24 (a State Holiday), along with Commissioner of Labor Jim Bennett, who spoke for Gov. Bob Riley.

More than two out of three Alabamians can trace their bloodline to a Confederate Veteran.

Justice Tom Parker was the only Alabama elected official who shared this moment with us to honor the 122,000 Alabama soldiers who defended our State from an illegal invasion by Abraham Lincoln to collect his newly-passed 40% import tax on Southerners. Over 30,000 of these young men, our ancestors, died for the honorable cause of low taxes and self-government.

When the liberal media and Southern Poverty Law Center attacked Tom Parker for passing out Confederate Battle Flags at the funeral of the last Confederate widow, I remember Parker represented Southerners by standing firm. This type of media persecution would have made most politicians cave in and do the “Trent Lott Crawl.”

Coming up is another State Holiday on Monday, June 5, Jefferson Davisâ Birthday. A ceremony to honor this great American statesman will be held at 10 A.M. on Saturday, June 3 at the Alabama State Capitol.

Will the media’s intimidation keep our elected officials from attending or will they replace their wishbones with backbones and represent the voters by honoring our Confederate ancestors.

Remember, the people voted by a margin of 2 to 1 to keep the Confederate Battle Flag on the Mississippi State Flag, just a few years ago. Support for our Confederate Heritage in Alabama is even higher.

Roger Broxton, President

Confederate Heritage Fund


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