SCV and 501(c)(3)
Interestingly enough, none of the things that the SCV is doing – or refusing to do involves legislation or candidates running for office! What we are discussing are demonstrations in favor of retaining the flag but the efforts to remove the flag are not matters of resolutions or referendums, but of political decisions made on the basis of other 501(c)(3) organizations like the NAACP who have lobbied for these decisions. In other words, all the claptrap about “influencing legislation” is irrelevant! In fact, where the flag has been placed on the ballot, we have won without any need to “influence” the legislation!
On the other hand, I see nothing whatsoever compromising to an organization’s tax exempt status to enter into the same arena as the NAACP and express our constitutional rights as citizens and as members of a 501(c)(3) organization – or is the law one thing for the NAACP and another for the SCV and the UDC?
So, in effect, we are comparing apples and windmills to say that the SCV as an organization cannot participate in demonstrations in favor of the proper treatment of the battle flag because of its tax exempt status since the entire issue has nothing whatsoever to do with the passage of legislation or the election of candidates – except to make it clear to cowards and scalawags that they will be looking for a new job in the next election if they continue to cow-tow to what is obviously the “minority” opinion on the issue!