SCV and 501(c)(3)
Lady Val and Sir Chuck,
From what I know, the SCV in the legislature is all over the map  Of course there was Joe Wilson, but here in Ga the politicos who hold SCV cards have no method to their madness.
Going back to the Ga Flag Fight, I know of at least 1 dude who at the time of the vote, voted to remove it with barnes. He is now dead, but he was a member (Tracy Stallings) of the Carrollton Camp 165 at the time of his vote. Then later another dude named John Noel stood in the well of the senate and cried a river and publicly dropped his SCV membership over the 56 flag and how hurtful it was. In his case, he was found a fraud, as the Tenn Div SCV dug up his records and said he was only an associate member of 10 years past who never attended a meeting. Noel no longer holds office.
Of course we know how perdue lied on the flag issue, but the Ga Div has made perdue a member, and his 1st chance to display his newfound pride in being a SCVer was to strip all funding for the Augusta Powderworks Chimney Restoration.
I have also seen SCV members who, as a mayor ignored a request to sign a Robert E Lee Proclamation, who as a police chief threatened the arrest of myself for waving a 56 flag prior to a camp meeting while standing on a public right of way – he has since been fired for sexual misconduct, who as a camp commander told me not to go stand up for NB Forrest Park and Statue in Memphis, who as another camp commander refused me permission to march with their camp in a parade for simply holding a 1956 Ga flag, who as a division commander attacked me for actually defending Confederate graves.
Despite these examples, I am only determined to fight harder and stronger. I prefer it to be either yankees, liberals, lefties, radical blacks, foreigners, or self loathing southerners, but if it has to be from those supposedly on the Gray side, so be it.
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden