Scottish Student Victory

January 30, 2006

Dear fellow Scots:

My son Nathan Warmack was the topic of a great injustice by his high school this fall, when he was told to leave his Fall dance because he wore a kilt. The principal told him, "I am not going to let anyone dressed like a CLOWN into my dance".

This not only destroyed Nathan’s dance, but humiliated him beyond explanation. As a family we made the decision to fight the system (a real David vs Goliath). We searched for a lawyer, but found none interested in this case. Then we received an e-mail that a group called SLRC wanted to hear from us. I called and talked to Mr. McCredie, who, in turn, put me in contact with Mr. Lyons. (Both Scots).

It was through many hours of work as a team, that we were able to do what few ordinary people can do: make a school district admit they were wrong!!!!

We won on every issue, and for that, I thank the SLRC, and Mr. Lyons.

I know first hand as to the many hours that were involved in this case, as well as the travel time for the SLRC to be there for us. It has also come to my understanding that there are other young people who are facing similar fights that the SLRC are attempting to help. We received some contributions that totaled approximately $300.00, and for that we are very grateful, but just the cost of doing this type of work for the rights of all of us, is enormous.

When no one else would, the SLRC helped us in time of need. This has brought the Scottish community together like nothing in several years. for this reason, I am asking for your help, financially, for the SLRC. They are a not for profit group and donations are tax deductible.

If we don’t fight for our little rights, one day we will awake to learn we have NO RIGHTS LEFT.

I am grateful for the SLRC, and hope that you will see fit to help them in any way you can.

We need of voice of freedom, and the SLRC was our voice, and will continue to be that voice, for that we need to come together once again.

Terry Warmack (Nathan Warmack’s Father)

Send Donations to:

P.O.Box 1235
Black Mountain, NC 28711

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