Schools all over America are again falling apart because of the Confederate Flag.

Schools all over America are again falling apart because of the Confederate Flag. A lot of time and resources are being spent fighting to remove all symbols of our Southern Heritage because evidently we are offending so many people. Symbols of our Southern Heritage being displayed at school "Gasp" is making it hard for our kids to learn anything due to all the hatred being thrown in their faces.

I do agree that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I think our educators need to do a little studying and learn the True History about the War for Southern Independence before teaching the subject. Before jumping on the "Bash the South" bandwagon they need to get all their facts together. This leads us back to my first suggestion. Evidentially they have learned from our Great Government schools, they have read the history written by the victors and have never seen or know that there is another side to the story, a side that speaks the Truth without covering facts. The hatred being thrown in our kids faces is actually coming from the ones being trusted to teach our kids.

As soon as our teachers learn that racism was not an issue of this war, but was a common practice of the times that was on its way out the door already. The North did not step in to save the Slaves from wicked Southerners, the North in a sense actually fought to keep their slaves, contrary to what they want to teach us about the emancipation proclamation.

I would like to see all this energy that is being wasted in an attempt to be politically correct, be used to teach our kids the truth. As soon as they stop wasting time bashing our kid’s heritage in the name of not offending anyone, then all our kids will learn a lesson that should have been taught a long time ago, they will learn the Truth. Our kids will get along just fine with one another when Hate is no longer made to be an issue. The ones that are accused of being offensive by displaying symbols of their Southern Heritage are actually the ones being offended in my book. But you don’t see our kids yelling racism, that’s because they know the truth.

Jimmy Sutherland
Rebel With A Clue

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