School logo


To all:

Please do not withdraw your request that the “Jayhawker” logo be removed from the University of Kansas.

Now, in general, I am against such attempts to censor the choices of the majority of those involved in this kind of issue. I abhor efforts by busybodies to replace a popular school icon with one more “politically correct” as we have seen especially in so many Southern schools. However in the present situation, it is my hope that whether the logo is removed or remains, the history and facts surrounding the name and what it stood for might come to light. For it seems that our present “p.c.” culture is in full cry after anything and everything that is connected to Southern history and heritage and is strongly advancing a campaign of cultural genocide using the simplistic – and mendacious – argument that the South was not only “wrong” in its efforts to form a new nation, but evil while the North was in all instances not only “right” in forcing the states of the South back into the Union (as if one can have an “involuntary” union!) but noble and good in those efforts. There is nothing that contradicts that claim so clearly as the “unabridged” history of the “jayhawkers” in the border wars of the 1850s and 60s. There is so much to learn that makes nonsense of today’s Marxist revisionist version of “history” and any opportunity to convey such knowledge cannot and should not be rejected.

Again, please do not withdraw your efforts to address the logo honoring men who deserve nothing but condemnation from decent people. Whether the logo stays or goes matters little so long as the effort spreads light in the dark corners of history wherein so many academics and “historians” are busily concealing so many unpleasant truths – unpleasant for them and their agenda, that is.

Valerie Protopapas
Huntington Station, New York