From: "paint"

i.e."Hernando County, FL – Students’ ability to show patriotism could soon be limited in hernando county." This comment tells it all. Thank you for bring this Unconstitutional School Ban to our attention. Like the infamous German quote of WW2 bout when they came for the Jews nobody spoke up , and by the time they came for me their was no one else to speak up! This flag issue has come to that conclusion.

When they were complaining about OUR Confederate Battle Flag on Dixie Outfitters T-Shirts it was get them out of the schools. But, Since it has been proved that a narrow band is blatantly un constitutional they now are banning ALL flags on students clothing.

So to the Hispanic Student proud of their Mexican,Porturican , or Cuban Heritage I say welcome to Our Club we the oppressed southerns whose Grandfathers were Confederates. To the young black child with the ANC, Liberian, or other African Flag I say welcome to Our Club the oppressed in the South Southerner proud of our heritage. Also to the people of German,Japanese, Vietnamese, or any other country a school age child is proud of their heritage and can’t wear a flag of their heritage on their clothing because the Hernando County Schools don’t want to offend anyone but in the process will offend everyone equally!

Jerry Watkins, SSgt USAF(ret)
and proud Southerner!
Sic Semper Tyranus