Presentation to students at local middle school and how students responded at School Day with H.K.


Dear Chuck,

My name is Randy Miller of Morristown, Tn. I am a member of the SCV Camp -Bradford/Rose #1638 of Morristown and I have been the Camp Historian for several years until just recently because of health problems. In early Oct. I was invited by the history teacher of East Ridge Middle School to give a presentation to her class on the War Of Northern Aggression or as she put it the Civil War. I was glad to be able to give this presentation for two reasons, the first reason being able to actually tell the students something they probably had never heard before and the second reason was to reject the PC-bullcrap that I had been taught when I was their age by the same school system. I am now 51 years old and have two sons who were brought up in this same school system and were Force-Fed the same old PC belief of this school system. I had my reservations at first, but once I saw the students were really interested in what I had to say, it ended up being a great day. The students could not believe that the things the had been taught was not actually true. This was the first time they actually learned things about honest abe. I received over 200 thank you letters from the students the next week. They wrote how much they enjoyed my presentation and how much they learned. I told them about their rights and freedom to wear Confederate symbol on clothing, and that it was heritage and not hate. Just a few days after my presentation, it was time for our annual school day and living history and re-enactment of the Battle of Morristown. This put on each fall by our local SCV camp and many re-enactors from all around come, Dan Paterson the gr-grandson of Gen. James Longstreet and Mr. H.K. Edgerton. H.K. is a close personal friend of mine and always does a fantastic job when it comes to educating our students. This year I had the privilege of spending the entire day with him. He talked to each class and teachers and give out sticker proclaiming-I am proud of Confederate History Month and ask them to wear them the rest of the day and not one refused. There were over 2500 students attending this year and at the end they are gave us a standing ovation. But this is not unusual because H.K. is one of a kind. After lunch one student came to me and told me that one of his teachers had made all of the student remove the stickers, telling them it was violated school dress code. I took the rest of the roll of stickers and gave them to every one and before long they had them all over them from head to toe. I then told the teacher that all they were doing was there freedom of speech and she was in violation of that. As of now I have not heard any more violations of our students rights and I do not expect to.

Yours In The Bond of The Old South,

Randy Miller