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Date: Mon, Sep 19, 2011
Subject: Re: Fw: School Attacks Student’s Heritage

Dear Superintendent Grimes,

As a former NAACP President, I am offended that a Southern baby would be suspended for showing the Colors of the Southern soldier.. And find it even more offensive that a school system in Alabama hasn’t taught the likes of this man James Sharpton about his very own race who earned a place of honor in service to the great State of Alabama under the Southern Cross. He also should be told that a former Southern Plantation owner who served on the Supreme Court argued that the South did not need segregation because the Christian White folks of the South and the African people had lived together , and that the White folks of the South would do right by the former slave. He was out voted by the Yankee members of the court and told that because of the condition that the Union had left the South in that White folks and Black folks would do better separated. The Christian White folks rolled up their sleeves and tried with limited resources to do right by their former slaves, but the North would not leave us alone. And thereby with their Union Leagues reaped havoc on the South.
I am sure that James Jefferson (Jim Jeff) from Summerfield, Alabama  who fought in one of the first battles ( 1st Manassas ) alongside his master, the Honorable Dr. Samuel Watkins Vaughn in the ranks of the 4th Alabama infantry who suffered 305 casualties during the heavy fighting, and who in the post war era received a Confederate pension that Dr. Vaughn made sure of,  which he said was an expression of gratitude to Jim and others like him from the Confederacy, would also be offended that the Black citizens of the State would be duped by a Yankee ploy and the Poverty Pimps of the NAACP who could not even employ Dr. Martin Luther King to attack the Southern Cross.
Superintendent Grimes, I cross the great State of Alabama donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier carrying the Southern Cross on the Historic March Across Dixie, and found a different tale than the one you choose to tell. The historic photo documentary book of my little brother (Terry Lee Edgerton , and his documentary tapes show a different Alabama than the one you and Sharpton talk about, and certainly I was there when the White men of the North who serve on the NAACP Board of Directors led their illict direction to attack our flag and heritage and to assign some sense of virtuosity to the North and to continue their reconstruction modus operandi of dividing and separating Black and White folks of the South so that they and their children could feel more comfortable in their occupation of our homeland.
I invite you and those unknowledgeable Blacks and politically correct Whites that have chosen to become traitors of our homeland and their ancestors who together made a stand to defend our homeland that was illegally invaded, to visit my website,, or even to do like the Alcoa Plant in Badin, N.C. did ; drag out the Table of brotherhood , and let us all sit down together and sort this lie out. It’s the least you can do, if you are truly Southern. God bless you.

HK Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411


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Subject: School Attacks Student’s Heritage

School Attacks Student’s Heritage

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) – Three students are suspended two days each for waving a rebel flag during Lawrence County High School’s homecoming parade.

James Sharpley, standing in front of what once was his segregated high school in Moulton, a segregated school, said he and others in the African-American community are deeply offended.

"That’s fine if they want to have a confederate flag, but when you started putting it in parades, that’s a different thing," said Sharpley.

Superintendent Heath Grimes said the students hid the flags and pulled them out once their truck left school property.

"I wish somebody had stopped them to begin with," Grimes said. "These flags would have never been approved to show during the parade," he added.

"Don’t hate me because I’m black. I won’t hate you because you’re white. We ought to be able to get along and that is digging in old wounds, making people upset," said African-American Moulton resident Barry Brackins.

The superintendent said he wants all students to know why the confederate flag represents pain for African-Americans.

"I hope that in the future we can help them understand what this means and use this as a learning experience, that this is not just a flag. That it is hurtful to some of those around them," Grimes said.

He added that, from now on, Lawrence County Schools will keep staff along school parade routes to prevent something like this incident from happening again

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