Men of the South Carolina Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans
I need your help!
In January of this year, your SC Division Commander mailed a letter to Mr. Bobby Harrell, Speaker of the SC House of Representatives inquiring whether he intended to close session in the SC General Assembly on Confederate Memorial Day, or work on this holiday as he once did. This year, May 10 falls on a weekday (Tuesday) and it is not yet clear whether the House will convene or recess.
I had the opportunity to ask Speaker Harrell the question personally at a recent public gathering, but as of yet, I’ve not received his reply.
Therefore, your Division Commander calls upon each man to “fall in” and assist in the following manner.
Contact YOUR HOUSE Representative via email
and urge him / her to contact House Speaker Harrell requesting a recess on Tuesday May 10, 2011 in respectful commemoration of the State Holiday, Confederate Memorial Day.
SAMPLE LETTER (copy below and paste )…reminder…if you use your own words, please remember to be brief and respectful.
SUBJECT:         Confederate Memorial Day
Dear Representative _____________________
The South Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans petitions the State, House of Representatives, to recess on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 to commemorate and honor Confederate Memorial Day. As a constituent in your House District, I am formally asking you to have direct dialogue with Speaker Harrell urging his support of this request.
A personal reply from your office is greatly appreciated.
It’s imperative that EVERY MAN contact his representative; don’t leave this to the next man. We need a couple thousand men, at a minimum to make a difference….will you make a difference?
Mark A. Simpson, Commander
South Carolina Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans