Re: South Carolina continues to suffer
Read this:
NOW…the Attack!
"Some thing’s never change… even though they should.,"  last line of your rant.  That’s your opinion…and we all have one. You have a short memory.
Things changed in 2000 when the flag came down from the dome and was placed at the Confederate memorial in front of the Statehouse. The winners ("whiners,") of that decision are now unhappy because a piece of cloth is now right in there face. Well you, the NAACP, Spurrier, and the ACU, NCAA, and all the another amalgams of the alphabet that a majority of South Carolinians don’t give a flying "F," about your opinion, and we don’t give a damn about "B’ ball, football, baseball, soccer. Oh, you might want to check your "stats," about the non-effective boycott of the State.
I have forgotten which Senator or Representative stated on the Statehouse steps said… paraphrasing.. you want to bring that "flag," down…
you’ll find out why the call it the "battle-flag."  Former Sen. Arthur Ravenell, South Carolina, summed it all up with this…  "It is not what others think of us… it is what we think of ourselves."  The flag flies, and it will continue to fly.. after the NAACP, the ACU, the NCAA, and the amalgam alphabet of interested, disjointed parties cease to exist along with their fellow-travelers. I think they call this.. "the dust bin of history."
Bill Schleuning                               
South Carolina