SC Confederate Memorial Day May 10th
Please forward the following communication to all compatriots in the South Carolina Division, SCV with copy  to the Executive Council instructing Brigade Commanders to announce the same to  their respective Camps:
Today, May 3, 2011, I received a phone call from a  member of the South Carolina State House of Representatives informing me that  this “body” will not meet in session on TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011 in honor of  Confederate Memorial Day.  The directive and decision for this recess came  directly from House Speaker Robert W. Harrell, Jr. who made the announcement from the podium.  It was my understanding that the matter did not come to a  vote but was simply handled as an Executive Decision by the Speaker, even in  spite of an existing heavy work load that remains on our General Assembly which  will most likely take them into June session.
I was also informed that only  one or two representatives asked what the “holiday” was about, and Speaker  Harrell informed them that it is SC Confederate Memorial Day and the House would  recess. Apparently there was no major disagreement or discord resulting from his  decision.  This is worthy of note and I have called the Speaker’s Office and  relayed my personal gratitude and appreciation for his courage and support to  honor our Confederate Fathers and I wish it to be made known to the more than 3,000 men in the SC Division, their families, their friends and all who honor and remember our Confederate ancestors.
Feel free to forward, in fact I  encourage all who read and hear this news, to forward the same to all on their  mail lists.
Best regards,
Mark A. Simpson, Commander
South Carolina  Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans