I’m currently reading Wouk’s “The Winds of War" which, of course, reminds me that you seem to be like Adolf Hitler. He ordered the burning of history books (among other literature); and, from what I read about you, you are refusing to let a solid piece of history (SB2325) out of your committee. Is that because the statue of a beloved leader of over a hundred years ago is not made of combustible paper pages, or is it because you otherwise want to appear like Adolf Hitler?
Here you are spitting on Jefferson Davis and at the same time considering running for Lieutenant Governor? According to what many people thought before Hitler committed suicide (because he didn’t want to end up like Mussolini), he also was a little daft. I am not a resident of Mississippi; but even though I cannot vote there, I am certain that many, many of its residents have thoughts similar to mine.
I, sir, am a graduate of the University of Virginia. There are several definitions of a cavalier. A gallant, courtly gentleman is the definition which is the most common. But in this case, I point out that being disdainful of others, with an arrogant cavalier attitude kind of fits me better.
I conclude this with honesty but certainly not with respect. Even though one ought to respect the opinion(s) of others, I hasten to point out that the opinions of some people (like those of lunatics) are observed with more pity than respect.