SB 2325 in limbo!!! (URGENT!!!)
It appears that SB2325 authorizing the acceptance of the Jefferson Davis statue is in limbo or "stuck" in the Senate Rules Committee. If the Chairman, Sen. Billy Hewes, does not allow the bill out of Committee before Feb. 3rd it will be "dead" and we will probably loose our chances of getting the statue in Mississippi. IHQ has been in contact with us and they are really interested in the statue coming to Mississippi.
We need everyone that can and will to contact Sen. Hewes’ office as soon as possible to let him know or our support for this bill. Sen. Billy Hewes office number in the Senate is 601-359-3209 (Margaret Chambliss will answer the phone) and his email address is
We should also call the Lt. Governor’s office , ask for Benny Nutt at 601 359-3848 and let him know: 1. that you are watching Senate Bill (SB) 2325, 2. that you understand that is in the Rules Committee under Senator Billy Hewes, and 3. that you would like for it to come out of committee….and  4. would the Lt. Governor look into this?
You should also still get in touch with your own senator and ask them to speak with the members of the Rules Committee to get this bill to the floor. Contact them again even if you have called or emailed them already. Time is of the essence.
Everyone please, let’s get this done ASAP.
Allen Terrell, 3rd Brigade Councilman
Maj. Gen. William T. Martin Camp #590
Natchez, MS
In God We Trust