I think there is a Santee River in South Carolina?

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To: rmorris@thestate.com

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Some questions:

1. What makes you think, that in a state where a large part of the citizens have historical and familial ties to the CBF, that these people would so willingly give it up in favor of something which can only be termed, "entertainment"?

2. Who cares if the Black Coaches Association or the NCAA or the National Basketball Coaches Ass’n, or the NAACP condemn anything? Why are they not instead concerned with 47% of NCAA basketball players (most of them black), who don’t graduate?

3. http://www.bcasports.org/MiContent.aspx?pn=NewsListings – Speaking of organizations, this organization also condemns the flying of the CBF, but their existence brings up a question – why is there no coaching association for whites? You can’t have togetherness when you want it and separation when you want it without expecting others to demand the same thing. Or did I miss something? Enlighten me oh great sage! If whites were to demand a similar organization, what do you think would happen?? No one wants to answer this question and I fully expect that you will add your sorry ass to the looooong list of people who simply don’t want to address it.

4. Since the NAACP is the originator of these problems, please show me where it is written that everyone else’s opinion must defer to theirs? I have looked high and low to find where this is written but I can’t find it. Again, I seek your enlightenment oh great purveyor of wisdom!?

5. Since it is apparent that all the writers at your corporate owned news rag appear to be cloned, in that none of you have opinions that differ from your peers, is there some farm somewhere where they grow you guys?

6. And finally, when is "The State" going to rename itself, "PRAVDA ON THE SANTEE"?

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)

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