Sanford saga ongoing; meeting today on general Southern/conservative issues
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Good Morning Sir,
I hate to admit but I was a Sanford basher at first, until i read this article in SHNV this morning. Then I was reminded of the Ted Kennedy affair that never was IE: Chappaquiddick (sorry for the spelling), then Obama’s birth certificate and his aunts citizenship not to mention the other atrocities our government has overlooked over the years. And I too would like to add my 2 cents worth of support to SC Governor Mark Sanford and say he should stay in office until all the other political degenerates that everybody else loves gets booted for there indiscretions. Also to have everyone write a SC lawmaker and tell them the same thing, I am not currently from SC but I am a former resident of the beautiful South Grand Strand area.
James M Gainey
St Marys, GA
/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: Thank you so much, Mr. Gainey. By all means please contact any SC legislators you care to, e.g. those in your former SC district — even if there’s been 100% turnover since you left. They need to hear from anybody anywhere who wants an end to PC and NAACPocracy. The prostiticians really need to listen to God himself who condemns lying, injustice and tyranny. PC and NAACPocracy (a.k.a. rule by liars and rumor-mongers at the State Newspaper) are always mendacious, injust and tyrannical. What happens in SC re the Flag will roll like a tidal wave across the rest of Dixie and beyond — for ill or good.
South Carolinians, the battle is far from won.
Politicians and media are still gunning for our hero, and both need to hear from you. Handy pages for searching alphabetically or by ZIP code below. If you don’t know where they stand and how they’ve been involved re the Governor, ask them and politely but unequivocally tell them what you think of it.
Thanks to all who HAVE spoken up where it’s urgently needed in this matter or WILL do so. My senator — otherwise a fine conservative who has helped us — was originally in the lead against Gov. Sanford. I and protested and I haven’t heard his name in connection with the affair since.
THANK YOU, Chuck Demastus, for your excellent help and often fast work on emergencies as they come up!