Sanford breakthrough
The din was incessant when liberals and pseudoconservative Republicrats thought they had a case against SC Gov. Mark Sanford. Even my brother-in-law, ordered by a certain party never to discuss anything that matters with me, stepped out of character to ask whether I could accept the Governor’s behavior.
But now, when 28 OF THE IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES UNDER CONSIDERATION AGAINST HIM HAVE BEEN REJECTED, news is no news. Search CHARGES DROPPED at this handy page in the Nationalist Times newspaper’s online discussion forum for Charleston Post and Courier story
and note that the page includes an entire installment of SHNV as well as a press release from Gov. Sanford newly reminding the fedgov of his and South Carolina’s opposition to Real ID (the yankee fedgov’s monstrous scheme for gutting privacy via "drivers licenses").
Once again, my position on Sanford is that regardless of his embarrassing moral turpitude, he remains one of the most outstanding politicians (per se) in the country if not the world, e.g. he is the only governor this state has had in many years that refused to listen to the NAACP re the Confederate Flag.   His sins hit the very selective headlines exactly when one of history’s most egregious political criminals, Fat Face Kennedy, was being buried with top honors as some kind of hero or icon of compassion. WHEN THE LIBERAL MEDIA WILL GIVE TEDDY OR EVEN B. HUSSEIN OBAMA THE SAME TREATMENT THEY’VE GIVEN OUR HERO, I’LL BE HAPPY CALL FOR SANFORD’S RESIGNATION. Deal?
Will everyone in South Carolina send a new message to their politicians, commending or rebuking them as needed in view of the above development?
Ahhh, South Carolina…… where even the road signs are right wing!