Same stuff, different day


RE: New business, old wounds and a bitter taste over race
Rock Hill Herald, SC

This is certainly one of the most sheerly tedious articles I’ve clicked via SHNV in awhile. This is journalism? Did they soak each copy in elephant tears before delivering? Look how LONG they rattle on about such non-news…. think about what colossally important REAL NEWS could have appeared in that space instead, on REAL TOPICS this paper and the other dailies HAVE NEVER EVEN MENTIONED.

The media are stuck in the racial dynamics of 1959, and distorted, contorted dynamics at that. The writer, understandably anonymous in this case, does everything but blame Maurice for all the "racism" in history and call for the blacks in Rock Hill to break his windows. Well, the demagoguery worked beautifully in Columbia — Maurice had to pay a fortune to replace windows at his eateries around the city because of all the "LOVE" the "LVE GENERATION" at the State newspaper and its fatuous little clones everywhere churned up against our hero.

Blacks, it seems, should have the right to eat wherever they want, but Maurice should NOT be allowed to take his business wherever he wants? OK, they go through the motions just so they don’t get fired for being TOO blatant, but the overall effect is to condemn free enterprise where it putatively endangers racial correctness.

The liberal media really want to smash everything that doesn’t accord with their dementia. They clearly WANT blacks to smash Piggy Park when it gets to Rock Hill, all for the sake of "equality" and Stokely Carmichael-type FREEDOMFREEDOMFREEDOM. They are DERANGED.

Nelson Waller