Friday, February 6, 2015

Saluting General James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart, CSA, On the Anniversary of His Birth

On this day in 1833, James Ewell Brown Stuart was born in Patrick County, Virginia.

"Among the gallant soldiers who have fallen in this war, General Stuart was second to none in valor, in zeal, and in unflinching devotion to his country. His achievements form a conspicuous part of the history of this army, with wich his name and services will forever be associated. To military capacity of a high order and to the noble virtues of the soldier he added the brighter graces of a pure life, guided and sustained by the Christian’s faith and hope. The mysterious hand of an all-wise God has removed him from the scene of his usefulness and fame. His grateful countrymen will mourn his loss and cherish his memory. To his comrades in arms he has left the proud recollections of his deeds and the inspiring influence of his example."

– Robert E Lee
God bless General Stuart, and all the brave men who wore the gray!