Heritage Citation for Aimee Robinson(William Blount High School-Blount County , Tenn., Maryville)

From: H.K. Edgerton


Dear Madam President,

I have written this letter in hopes that I may be allowed to submit recommendation for a very courageous young lady for the award citation that was created in my mom’s name .

Aimee Robinson would not accept the banning of the right of her fellow students to wear the Confederate flag by the Blount County school board, or the right to use the words redneck, black, confederate. etc. Ms Robinson felt very strongly that the 1st amendment rights of her and her peers were being intruded upon at the discretion of a school board , and administration whose desires was not to teach a balanced interpretation of American history as it related to the War between the States, but only to cave into the political correct agenda of those whose desires are to tarnish the images of her grandpa by forcing upon her and her peers, a history that is greatly distorted from the accountings of her very own family.

Aimee created a petition against the against those parts of the Blount school dress code targeting the Confederate Flag, and quickly began gathering signatures from fellow students,both black and white who felt as she did. Aimee would not stop there; she challenged the local Sons of Confederate Veterans to come and stand in defense of her flag, and whatever was left of the 1st amendment rights her and her peers.

I personally witnessed her stand before a contingent of angry black and white folks on the courthouse grounds in Maryville, Tenn., who had no desire to compromise in their misguided convictions against our beloved flag. In her angelic innocence Aimee brought a message of inclusion to those black folks of their shared heritage, and common desires of all parents that their children study in a trouble free environment, and her love for Christ.

The one black woman who appeared to be the biggest critic of all broke down in tears and began hugging Aimee , asking for forgiveness for any portrayal of hate that she might have conveyed. She further stated that they needed to talked about this subject more, because possibly she and others might just be wrong.

I have walked many miles across the south land, and even the north, but I have never witnessed a moment as spiritual as the one I witnessed in Maryville, Tenn.

Aimee Robinson personifies the very essence of the courage exhibited on a day to day basis by Southern women, no matter what period in history as they stand to defend the honor and dignity of their southland .

Love, HK