An Open Report, Salem High School’s Ban On Dixie Outfitters Shirts

From: HK Edgerton []
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008

In the Great State of Georgia it is ok to celebrate Black History Month, but not if you attend Salem High School in Conyers, Georgia and you plan on making a part of that celebration; the wearing of any of the many Dixie Outfitters shirts which bear the likeness of African Americans. The historic HK Edgerton shirt is no exception. It matters not that the 1964 Civil Rights Act plainly speaks out clearly on the illegality of content discrimination. It is becoming more evident that when it comes to the Southern Cross, our national laws have no jurisdiction.

Clearly the Principal at Salem High has arbitrarily set aside the ruling in the landmark case of Castorina vs. the School Board of Kentucky, not to mention the limited 1st Amendment Rights of these young students. It appears that the Reconstruction mandate of the Public School to turn our Southern babies against not only our honorable ancestors who dared to make a stand against the tyranny of those who would bankrupt the South, but to use little Black babies as a means of their modus operandi to do so, as they purposely eliminate the teaching of the Black men and women, freed or indentured who earned a place of honor and dignity under the Christian Cross of Saint Andrew beside a man that they not only called Master, but also family and friend.

As the schoolhouse doors of Salem open, I shall don the uniform of the Southern soldier, stand at it’s doors with his glorious banner just as Levi Carnie, Holt Collier, Rev. Mack Lee and a host of other Black Confederate soldiers did in defense of my homeland; the Southland of America and for the Honorable organizations like Dixie Outfitters who daily are a testimony to their memory.

HK Edgerton