I am shocked to have found out that a town I have been visiting for years has turned into a hate filled and bigoted place.  Your "banning" of the Confederate Battle flag, a soldiers’ flag, has hit me very hard.  I take it personally because it is my ancestor’s that flag represents and the destruction of my family at the hands of the Union army.  Would you please stop playing politics with my ancestors and let them rest in peace?

Using the weak association of the KKK to slander the Confederate flag, is tantamount to banning the US Flag, the actual official flag of the Ku Klux Klan,  because some tiny fringe group has misused it.  When was the last time you saw more than 5 or 6 Klansmen at any one time at a "Klan Rally"?  They literally don’t exist anymore except in the Northern states like Indiana, Pennsylvania, or Michigan,  and certainly not in Arkansas.

My wife and I usually take a trip to north Arkansas every fall to see the leaves.  Harrison is usually our primary destination, but this year we don’t want to come because of your overt hostility and will be making other plans for our fall trip.  It’s a shame because all the money spent in tourism promotion in your town and in the state of Arkansas in general, is wasted when intolerant people like you attack and insult the very people they are trying to get to visit them!  My advice to bigots and hate mongers is to keep your feeling to yourself because you’ll find
that few people will agree with you.

Jim Walters
Lewisville Texas