Sad state of affairs


Chuck, the reason I think that three white youths defaced the Confederate monument on the capitol grounds in Montgomery is because most of our teachers today in the South are scared to death to teach Southern kids Southern history. Plain & simple!

They are scared that if they don’t stick purely to teaching the "Civil War" from government text books that portray the yankee invaders as purer than the driven snow & Confederates as Satan worshippers someone might be offended, report them & then their job & career is in danger. Truth is, they are right! So much for REAL freedom in America today.

When I was going to school, over 30 yrs. ago, most teachers taught us the Southern version of our own history & without fear or reprisal. They taught us to question things & to think for ourselves, just as all Americans did up until this time.

Today it seems that all students are required to march in unison in a locked goosestep & not to question anything that is shoved at them in the name of education. In the America of my childhood this was not an education but, brainwashing!

Can you imagine the American response to the British in 1776 had all Americans received the modern-day indoctrination of our government owned & operated "public schools,"???? We would all be singing God Save the Queen when we stood for the national anthem today.

I don’t claim to have all the answers & hold no position of power in society but, those Southerners who do ( politicians & teachers & all of societies professionals ) had better find the intestinal fortitude within themselves to take a stand against such Anti – American political correctness or not only will the South be lost but, the whole of America.

If & when our "leaders" take a stand & start acting like leaders cracks will began to appear in this dam, with a flood of Southern folks & Americans following them.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama