Mother Who Sacrificed All


Heroism was not just confined to the soldiers.

"At the portico of a modest, cheerful dwelling by the roadside, there stood, as we rode along, an elderly lady in deep mourning who held by the hand a fair-haired boy of about fifteen years of age, and who asked the General that she might be permitted to bless our battle-flag. Having invoked the favour of heaven upon our colours in a manner as earnest as it was unaffected, she told us that she was a widow who had already lost two sons in the war, but that she was ready to sacrifice her last child for the sacred cause of her country. The eyes of the boy brightened up, and his fist was clenched at this; and tears fell down on our beards as we turned the heads of our horses towards the passing column."

Col. Heros von Borcke,
Memoirs Of The Confederate War For Independence,
vol. 1, 1938