One of the things that I most enjoy when visiting the Tampa community is posting the Southern Cross at the front door of the Tampa Bay Times and interacting with the other reporters who ask why. And the joy of being able to tell them because of that Yankee Daniel Ruth, who your company gives refuge to print his garbage and distortions about the War for Southern Independence.
This man Ruth continues the practice of those who would use slavery against the honorable Southern White man as if there was no complicity from the North, especially the Northern banks who used their agent; so called a factor, to run most of the large plantations in the South. And there certainly wasn’t a whole lot of slave singing going on where he ruled with his most oft cantankerous overseer, who was free with the whip.
Unlike those plantations of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest, whose slaves and those of other surrounding plantations saw him as a godsend of a man who came to be their friend, as would those forty plus who rode off to war with him, and earned honor for their service. Or the slaves of the Honorable President Jefferson Davis and his brother, who ran the plantation and generally were only overruled in legal matters if they ruled that another slave should be put to death for an offense. Or those slaves who learned to read and write under the guidance of the Honorable Thomas Stonewall Jackson. Or those slaves who were set free by the Honorable Robert E. Lee, but who refused to leave. Lots of singing going from the slaves that Yankees then and now don’t understand and have worked tirelessly since 1865 to quiet.
Ruth, in his rant to discredit the Sons of Confederate Veterans and lay all the blame on them and the Honorable State Rep. Dennis Baxley for not wanting a Union monument to be built at Olustee Battlefield, fall short of the many Southerners who can find no merit in having a monument on Southern soil to now be built to pay homage to an Army who carried out the total warfare policy of Lincoln; murdering innocent, defenseless old men, children, and the special warfare they carried out on Southern women, no matter their social standing, as they raped like no other army in the annals of warfare, and plundered to no ends, and bragged about it in their personal correspondence, and told of the meeting of Sherman and Lincoln as Sherman would tell his men to have their way with the Southern citizens as there would never be an accounting for what they did. Break their spirits, he said.
And someone please tell Ruth who, like most unknowledgeable Yankees who, when they have nothing but poppy to present, result to name calling and storming away, that this bumpkin, as he would call me, shall return one day to his door and sing Dixie as I did in Lake City. And that the reality of the War Between the States is that the South did not lose the War. General Lee, tired of the killing, especially of those who had no stake in the war as Lincoln and his henchmen began conscripting men from everywhere to fight the Southern army who had won nearly every battle they fought with a draw at Gettysburg. When a man is confronted with a regiment of soldiers, all speaking German, and not one word of English, its probably time to go home, but had he known!
And as the Honorable General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne had warned, there would be Daniel Ruth’s who would write their lies if the Yankees would be declared victors. God bless you.
HK Edgerton