Hillary & Michelle/ The Run for the White House

From: HK Edgerton

[mailto:hk@csaweb.org] Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I listened intently to both Ms. Obama’s & Ms. Clinton’s speeches before the Democratic National Convention. These are always times when people give history lessons to the world that are compacted within their rhetoric. They will usually always have an intended message to the Black electorate , and oft times are a distorted rhetoric that will cast aspersions towards the South and especially the Southern White populous as it relates to the economic institution of slavery or the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s.

Ms. Obama spoke of the anniversary of Doctor Martin Luther King’s Dream speech. I can tell her from personal experience that that dream is a nightmare to the sons and daughters of former slave owners and Southerners as they are forced by a Federal Public School System to remember their honorable ancestors in shame . And furthermore the sons and daughters of former slaves face the same nightmare as they too have had this same Federal Public School System eradicate the place of honor , dignity and love their ancestors earned beside a man that they not only called Master, but also family and friend; whether that love, honor and dignity was founded in the cotton, sugar or beet fields or on the field of war . Furthermore it is fairly accurate to say that more times than not they will find no judicature in the Federal judiciary as they turn in that direction seeking help from the onslaught of 1st Amendment violations hurled, as little Black babies are used by a host of Southern symbol haters and traitors to further their personal agendas against the South. I would tell Ms. Obama that the room where the Table of Brotherhood sits is locked and shall always be locked until this nation gives vindication to the honor and memory of those honorable men and women, free are indentured and their symbols that took a stand against the tyranny of those who invaded their homeland .

Ms. Clinton ended her speech with a reference to Harriet Tubman. She proclaimed that Ms. Tubman told those slaves that were on the supposed Underground Railroad, to keep on going , even if they heard the dogs or saw the flash of light; keep on going for freedom. However Ms. Clinton didn’t tell that Convention the whole truth about that Railroad or the people who used it. She didn’t tell them about the many who were headed back South with the words of wisdom that it was better to be a slave in the South than to have the so called freedom offered in the North. She didn’t tell those words of advice by so many of those slaves on that railroad, that you better keep heading on into Canada if you truly are seeking freedom. Ms. Clinton didn’t tell that Convention that those slaves on that Railroad had better not stop in Lincoln and Barack’s Illinois or any of those Northern and Midwestern states that had purged themselves of Black folks , or they would end up with Chinese a name: He Hung High!

It matters not which Yankee takes the White House. Whether it the one who is ashamed of his Confederate ancestors who made a honorable stand against the likes of a man who in 1857 convinced a band of Indians to help him massacre a group of settlers as they crossed Mormon held territories after he brokered a truce that they give up their weapons for safe passage, or the likes of a man who in 1914 in Southern Colorado used the State militia to burn the tents where innocent men, women and children slept. Their only crime was holding a labor strike against the deplorable conditions found in the coal mines that they worked. These honorable men of the South knew the kind of man they were up against as they watched the Constitution that they had brokered with him pushed asunder for his own selfish gains and territories. There shall be no great President or end to the Cold War Between the States until our children, both Red Yellow, Black and White are told truths about this epoch and are able to honor and remember their ancestors and their symbols with pride for making a stand in the country that they too love. A place that they call America.