From: Phil Walters <>
Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2011
Subject: Fair Ruling for History on Florida’s Confederate Heritage Plate

Fair Ruling for History on Florida’s Confederate Heritage Plate

Captain Phil

After many years of waiting, the discriminatory treatment of the Son’s of Confederate Veterans’ (SCV) “Confederate Heritage” vanity tag by the Florida bureaucratic system has finally experienced a semblance of reason. Federal Judge John Antoon ruled the state of Florida acted unconstitutionally in denying the specialty plate after the SCV jumped through all requirements needed to gain the plate. This ruling will open the door to move the plate forward towards production and distribution.

Spineless Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum baulked and blocked the tag predominately because of gripping from the NAACP, calling all things Confederate racist & treasonous. As usual, other than squawking, the NAACP has produced little to support their statements.

In June of 2008 during the raising of the world’s largest Confederate battle flag at east Tampa’s new Confederate Memorial Park, Curtis Stokes, President of the Tampa Chapter of the NAACP claimed the flag would tear the community apart and repeatedly stated the flag represented blatant racism of the treasonous Southerners. When pressed to substantiate his statements by northern born Jewish cultural warrior Bart Siegel, who demanded “intellectual honesty” on the issue, Mr. Stokes along with his contingency declined moderated public debate. This decline to be “intellectually honest” to the public was a fair representation of the NAACP’s often repeated position as historically & factually, they don’t have much of an argument to support their statements. Rather than fact & reason, they rely upon threats, ignorance and bullying.

This ruling is a good ruling and fair to all citizens. All too often folks only advance what they believe, not what is legal, reasonable & fair. I believe  the Civil Rights struggles of past generations were in the spirit of the Founding Fathers vision of “All men are created equal” and treated equally by the law, not one of “our position prevailed & now is the time for payback” which is apparently the desires of the Politically Correct crowd. This is very sad as there are much larger issues to deal with in society at large, however; the preservation of cultural divides,  the revenue and influence produced by fanning these flames is hard to break, unless you look to the past struggles of defeating discrimination and seek remedies in the courts.

Confederate Veterans are treated as American soldiers by the U.S. Veterans Administration. As such, when an unmarked Confederate soldier’s grave is located, the VA will provide for a headstone. Part of the funds raised by this vanity plate will be dedicated to locating the final resting places of  these soldiers, (regardless of race or ethnicity as the fighting force of the South was by no means “Lilly White”) maintaining monuments and educating the public on this period of American history. Judging from the position & statements of the many politicians, bureaucrats & race hustlers, factual education of this period of history is in dire need by the public. Help support the good name and integrity of this group of American Veterans and consider purchasing this tag when it becomes available.