Rude yankees in Arizona?
I subscribe to the daily piles of news and variety links from Freedom’s Phoenix. It’s Libertarian so you never know what they’re going to throw at you. Most of the material is great — exposés of what the yankee fedgov is up to and similar news from around the world. It’s 75% high class, useful, anti-PC.
But the other day brought a stunner from them — an article whose title briefly but hatefully equates "Southern" with stupid and evil ("y’all" and bad grammar):
Good people say and do dumb things. Please write them — I suggest politely — to point this out. We need them, they need us. You’ll have to go through a very minimal, non-invasive signup process. And I do recommend subscribing to their stuff — it’s one of the few things that rivals the Nationalist Times print newspaper’s site ( for general controversial news and views.
I’ve written them L2E’s without getting a response or (to my knowledge) published. But they do need feedback. Note Letter to the Editor link in tiny type at bottom of the above page and space for comments below the article.