Alan Colmes: rude style of interviewing
To: Alan Colmes, Fox News
Dear Alan,
Watching the Hannity and Colmes show, I always thought you were a reasonable person, sincere in your beliefs.
I was interested in hearing the debate between Cecil Bothwell and H.K. Edgerton on the North Carolina Constitutional question revolving around the legality of Cecil Bothwell taking office as an Asheville City Councilman. Neither one of them got to say much on that subject.
Had you allowed both to make their points, there might have been a lively and informative debate. But you spent most of the time trying to bully H. K. Edgerton off the subject and trying to discredit him in the same condescending and bullying manner.
It was more of an attempted ambush than an interview or debate.
I believe your conduct was reprehensible and you owe an apology to Edgerton, Bothwell, your audience, and to Fox News.
You are also awfully smug about your knowledge of both the Rule of Law and the "Civil War."  You actually have a lot to learn–but no use trying to tell you anything.
You also seem unwilling to let a black man voice any opinion that does not conform to your hardened, self-righteous, and so-called "liberal" mindset.
Although you treated Edgerton with smug disdain, both he and Bothwell are intelligent men who deserve better. You could have learned a lot, if you were more open-minded. Sadly, you appear to be a know-it-all on subjects you unfortunately have little knowledge of.
I live in a Southern town with many Northern transplants and retirees. The vast majority of them are nice people that contribute to the community and who we are glad to have as neighbors and fellow citizens,
But you, Sir, virtually define the meaning of "Damn Yankee."
L. M. Scruggs
Hendersonville, NC