MOC supports Viola Baskerville’s RTD rants


It seems that the MOC leadership is drunk on prostituting our beloved heritage and as such cannot help reveling in the mire with yet another writer for the anti-Confederate ministry of yankee propaganda. It should be no surprise that at the same time the MOC was awarding top honors to Elizabeth Brown Pryor, for portraying Robert E. Lee as depressed and sadistic, that the MOC would also support ardent South basher Viola Baskerville only days before!

Dr. Arnold Huskins of Georgia recently made the following comment.

"Yesterday, I spoke with Mrs. Viola Baskerville who wrote the piece about commemorating the 150th anniversary of the War in the Richmond Times Dispatch. Our conversation was quite strained to say the least. Not surprisingly, she told me the Museum of the Confederacy had contacted her and commended her for her statements."
Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Augusta, Ga

Viola Baskerville’s anti-Confederate rant in the Richmond Time Dispatch is below. We did not know that Lincoln intended to start the Civil Rights movement until now as his statements were always supporting colonization or that all minorities should be crated up and shipped out to create a free and white United States. Let’s ask the Native American’s about the Union army’s notion of "civil rights."

CIVIL WAR SESQUIESENTENNIAL: What legacies are we commemorating?

Forwarded by:
Brandon Dorsey