Round Two
I hate to seem as if I’m whipping a dead horse trying to make him run, but this fiasco at the Museum of the Confederacy in which they picked Ole Abe as their "Man of the Year" apparently has stuck in my craw. There always seems to be another battle around the corner in which Southerners have to deal with over our heritage and culture. There is a never ending river of blue belly babble and every single one has deemed themselves authorities on our history and how we should live. I’m thinking maybe it’s time we turned the tables. It would poetic justice should the means become available where Southerners become the deciding majority on Yankee affairs. I can imagine the reaction if we demanded all Martin Luther King Boulevards be renamed General Forrest Avenue. Suppose the issue of slavery was declared offensive by Southerners and we demanded all statues, monuments, literature, and all other forms of media be stripped of this offensive subject. Let’s include all Union soldiers buried on Southern soil to be removed and buried north of the Potomac.  Let’s remove all the memorials to Union soldiers and use them as coral reef gardens off our coasts. Let’s remove any book from our public school that glorifies anything the Union has done. We should teach our children civilized values and retrain them away from the European liberal agenda that has rotted their core values. In general, let’s strip every conceivable inkling of blue from the Southern States regardless of how obscure the relation is to anything yankee. When you see this from our viewpoint it becomes more apparent how we despise being told how to live and think. The northerners would no more enjoy being told how to live and think then we do. We have clear battle lines drawn. Every aspect of American society is allowed to flourish and thrive under the theory of diversity, except anything remotely Southern. But I want all yankees and their sympathizers to remember one thing. We have been their whipping post for over 150 years and we have still held on to our beliefs. They can charge into our lines time after time and we will never relent and accept their imposed values. As for Lincoln, being elected man of the year must make him the only soul in hell that can’t stop laughing. 
I remain, a Compatriot in the Cause….
Eddie Grey