Round two re: Salon’s article


The more I thought about this article and the comments attached to it, I couldn’t stop with just firing one round. This "historian" in his in depth research evidently never read "War Crimes Against Southern Citizens". I would like to hear his take on justifying the robbery, rape, torture, and murder of civilians by Sherman’s troops. In Sherman’s own words Lincoln all but peed his pants laughing at the accounts of civilian women, children, and the infirmed and aged, both freed and slave being tortured and murdered. I supposed he has justified in his warped mind the bombardment of civilian targets and the violations of the Constitution by Lincoln. The radical horrors against Jews and slaves can probably also be justified by him. 

The burning and robbery of churches and murder of preachers and the same against schools and teachers was also a necessity of war by his accounts. I would enjoy hearing his take on the war had Southern troops inflicted the same horrors on Union citizens. I have said before and will continue to say the yankee hatred of all things Southern will last for all eternity. In their eyes we will bear responsibility for all the evils and every act committed by the cold blooded, murderous blue bellies.

In the northern outlook the Southern states remained part of the Union, and this being said, where in the Constitution did the justification for sending troops to destroy part of that nation come from? If the yankees and their sympathizers do not understand our disgust at their warped opinion, maybe they should someday be forced to become part of a regime they despise so they will understand our position. The "historian" goes on and on about the folly of reenactors and their hobby. If he would take a moment to Google "reenactment unit", he would find that a majority of "Confederate" reenactors come from northern states. They refuse to wear the "blue", and because of that fact, many Southern men have to galvanize in blue to balance out the battle simulations. It basically comes down to the adage, "you can’t fix stupid". Rant and rave until the moon falls from the sky and we Southerners will never forget the truth of history.

That truth paints a clear and undeniable account, even from yankee records, that the South was justified in leaving the Union and the yankees were nothing more than a horde of criminals who plundered and destroyed our nation. The official war records of the yankees document that no Union troops ever stood trial for the atrocities they committed against our civilians. The horrors committed in Missouri alone would have tied the courts up for a hundred years. I suppose they pat themselves on the back for a job well done because they continue to look
at the history thru blue colored glasses. If the rape and murder of children is a job well done, then they certainly should commend themselves for those acts and all the other ungodly crimes committed by their ancestors. For me, the civility my ancestors maintained in battle will stand on its own merits regardless of any yankee slant they attach to it. God Bless the South.

Eddie Grey