Every time I read stories about what’s going on in Memphis Tennessee, Selma Alabama and numerous other places over the Marxists in America trying to re-write our southern history it makes my blood boil.
I thought in America there was room for everyone’s heroes. You don`t see us out demonstrating over wanting to get rid of monument to civil rights leaders even though the F.B.I. said most of them were communist or communist sympathizers operating their organizations with communist funds from Mother Russia. If anyone has a legitimate reason to raise cane about anyone’s heroes it’s us.
If this is not true then there would not be a problem opening up the F.B.I. files of their so-called heroes instead of keeping them sealed until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ himself.
Our heroes followed the U.S. constitution even though our opposition is either to stupid to see it or don`t want to see it. I doubt most of them even understand one word of the U.S. constitution & couldn`t care less as it gets in the way of them achieving their Marxist utopian dream.
The communists call ignorant idiots like them useful fools & rightfully so. They are so dumb they gleefully would give up the dream of the founding fathers for the belief communism is a better, fairer system of government for them.
Now to the real point of my letter, I’ve shouted this from the rooftops for years with it falling on deaf ears with my fellow Southerners & Americans but the only way to stop this is to cure the cause & stop treating the symptoms by continually running from one brushfire to another.
Sue them in court. I know it’s time consuming, costs money & you might lose & have to make appeals to higher courts. Our enemies are not going away until we learn to sting them & hurt them where it counts, the pocketbook. It’s either this or take it to the streets.
When our economy collapses soon & money is worthless we might be carrying it to the streets whether it’s our choice or not. At such a time you can either fight now or join our socialist agitators later with their communist manifesto, the choice is yours.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama