Ron Who?

The "Invisible" Candidate Is The Only One Worth Voting For
by Al Benson Jr.

If anyone ever needed evidence that the "system" in this country is broken all he’d have to do is to watch the charade that passes for a presidential race in the upcoming election.

This year’s presidential race features the biggest stable of also-rans to come down the home stretch in many a moon. The ONLY viable and worthwhile candidate in the whole bunch, both major parties included, is constitutionalist Ron Paul from Texas. And it should not surprise you that he is the one candidate the media avoids mentioning like the plague, unless they can come up with something they preceive as dirt on him. So far, they’ve managed to come up with precious little dirt, but not to worry, they will keep trying, even if they have to manufacture something. They thought they’d be able to hang him when someone came up with some copies of The Ron Paul Political Report, a newsletter published sometime back in the 1990s. In one issue of that newsletter, Martin Luther King was described as a "pro-Communist philanderer." That’s news??? Conservatives and patriots have been saying, and documenting, that for decades. Even King’s good old buddy, Ralph Abernathy, basically said as much in his autobiography And The Walls Came Tumbling Down.

One thing that is noteworthy about Ron Paul is that he is not promising anybody anything, in contrast to the rest of these turkeys who are promising everybody the moon if they get elected. All Ron Paul is doing is saying that if he gets elected he will attempt to get government back to only the functions it is supposed to fulfil according to the Constitution. Most shouldn’t have an argument with that. It’s at least part of what we need, considering that this government has not functioned constitutionally since the start of the War of Northern Aggression.

It’s interesting that the one candidate worth voting for is the one almost no one seems to have heard of. Ive talked to people here in Louisiana, right next door to Texas, who have never even heard of Ron Paul. They literally don’t know who he is. Doesn’t say much for the "news" media does it? A couple weeks ago my wife and I crossed over the Ouachita River from West Monroe to Monroe, Louisiana and we noticed a bunch of people standing on the bridge carrying Ron Paul signs. There was quite a group of them. My first thought was "thanks to the purposeful avoidance of Ron Paul by our so-called news media, his supporters have to stand out with signs so folks here will even know who he is.

Something not mentioned by the media (and do you wonder why) is the fact that just about all the candidates in this year’s presidential dog and pony show are either members of the Council on Foreign Relations (America’s unelected government) or are joined at the hip with someone who is–with the exception of Ron Paul. The CFR in this country is basically the vehicle for the promotion of one world government and its members have peopled most presidential administrations since before I was alive. Even most of the talking heads in the news media belong, so do you wonder why Ron Paul gets almost no coverage there except for whatever dirt they try to heap upon him. (I’ve got to stop calling those people the "news" media. Real news is the last thing they are about).

If you know how the game is played, it’s almost humorous to watch some of the candidates that receive media attention, who are doing even worse in the polls than Ron Paul. Rudy Giuliani, whose poll numbers have been abominable, is now touting the canard that he is a "change agent." That’s a catch-phrase used by the one world crowd, so they will recognize it even if most other folks have no idea what it means. Undoubtedly he used it to attract their attention to the fact that he is willing to be used in their agenda if they will help him get into office. A cross-dressing change agent! The one world crowd will really love that–fits right in with part of their agenda for us. And then there’s Mike Huckabee. He’s promising us a new tax every year and two illegal immigrants hiding in the garage! Not really, but that’s about what his campaign amounts to. He’s like to turn Little Rock into Little Mexico! Most of the other candidates are what author Alan Stang calls "homosexualists." That doesn’t mean they are all homosexuals, but rather that they are willing to promote the homosexual agenda and have no problem with it or with those involved in it. As far as the Democrats are concerned, the only real differences between Hitlery and Obama are sex and colour. Their political agendas, aside from all the gas being passed about them, are almost identical–unabashedly left-wing. And all the candidates in both parties except Ron Paul, hate anything that remotely smacks of Confederate heritage. They despise Confederate flags. Romney and Thompson have said so openly. No Southerner worth his salt or with any pride in his heritage, should even think twice about this whole bunch of losers.

So the invisible candidate, the one man no one wants to say anything good about, Ron Paul, is the only candidate worth voting for. The rest of these one world stooges, all put together, ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit! Sorry folks, but that’s they way it is.

Copyright © 2006-2008 Al Benson, Jr

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