Ron Paul


Greeting Chuck and PoP

Keep up the good work

In regards to Romney and Thompson remarks about our Flag, don’t get mad, get even. The one person that the Media, Big Government, One Worlders are All Afraid of is Ron Paul. They try to shut him out at every turn. To quote Dr. Paul "When I started this campaign, I was unsure whether we had a chance to win this race, It’s clear now that we DO." When I saw him in "Freedom To Fascism" speaking out against the I.R.S., the only politician that was, I knew he had the guts to stand up for "We The People." If we don’t take a stand NOW and All of us work together to make a change, everything we all hold dear about our Great land could soon be No More. Ron Paul has been Attacked by the Media and fellow politicians because of what he stands for (The U. S. Constitution), his record speaks volumes for it. They know he is a real TRUE AMERICAN as our Forefathers were and they don’t want you to vote for him. This man represents the freedom Our Country was Founded on and he only has a chance to win if we get the Word out and start a grass roots campaign the LIKES of which this country has never Seen. All the Money Romney, Guliani, Bilary Clinton, Oprah, Obama and All the rest put together couldn’t stop. In fact I haven’t seen a candidate like Ron Paul since George Wallace ran for President, that stands for States Rights.


Bob Kline
Colonial Heights, Virginia