Ron Paul
RE: Regarding the Southern Heritage News & Views for 2/14/2012.
Chuck, I applaud your posting earlier today an SHNV installment promoting Ron Paul and encouraging SHNVer’s (hopefully those in your other lists, too) to get with his program. This message, so full of good and urgently needed information, personified everything good about SHNV: the newsletter exists to get great, useful information out to people and does so regardless of what any self-appointed thought police may think. You have done this faithfully for what feels like 12 or 15 years now with little thanks or encouragement from us readers (certainly compared to what you deserve)…. and in age where even most alleged conservatives have no idea which end is up, to see that "No One But Ron Paul" message in the old inbox signified again the solid ground on which you make your unique contribution to the War.
I tremble for my country to see (seemingly) 90% of otherwise intelligent, right-oriented people getting stupider by the minute in the neocon age and supporting all those Bush clones each presidential cycle. But to see that even a proud SCVer like the guy who wrote to rip you up just now don’t understand that Ron Paul is the last presidential hope….. well, it sickens me beyond belief. That’s the best, most printable way I can put it.  Would criticize his brusqeness except that I’ve too often been guilty of the same thing…..