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<<< I know it is a long shot but I’d love to see Ron Paul win!! >>>

Ron Paul’s chances are looking better every day. He recently won the Virginia Republican straw poll by a resounding margin, even though three of the other candidates had some big names there to speak for them.

Ron Paul has now raised more money this quarter than any other GOP candidate, even more than Giuliani or Romney have raised. Dr. Paul has already raised over $10 million this quarter, and he’ll probably raise at least a couple more million before the end of the quarter.

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: I’m so glad somebody’s brought this up. Kudos to the above response, and may I go further in my famously extreme way and point out that Dr. No has EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE of winning, the only hindrance being our, and I do mean our, people’s doubt and inertia. IT IS A MEME that he can’t win, and the response most pitifully non-extreme "conservatives" still give us (those with us in spirit but not willing to so much as put a bumper sticker on) is tragicomic: one silly excuse after another why that cannot cast their vote for him.

Most of the time it’s the "electability" fetish holding them back not their’s, their next-door neighbor’s. They simply can’t believe the people can have who they really really want for president. Well, they can’t come across because their neighbor has three articles detailing why good people all have to vote for juliani or huckerboy or huncan dunter some other demon from hell. An almost radical old lady in my church (sometimes packs heat to church because of the neighborhood) says she’s sworn to vote for a LESSER DEMOCRAT to help Dr. Paul get elected — we gotta dilute the Hillary vote, or some such nonsense.

WE CAN DO IT! WE are the PEOPLE. THEY are the POLITICIANS, and with Charlie Daniels we can say to all of liberaldumb

Now, you intellectuals may not like it,
But there ain’t nothin’ that you can do —
‘Cause there’s a whole lot more of us common folk
Than there ever will be of you.

David Duke was elected in Lousiana — I don’t care who hears me say it; RON PAUL HAS ALREADY GOTTEN ELECTED ten times over to the fedgov Congress. James Traficant kept his seat in Congress for 17 years. Reagan was president for two terms, and as awful as he was in real-world terms, he was the second coming compared to today’s top Republican trash.

Even after 19 excruciating years under the Bush-Clinton crime family* (9 more, anybody?), miracles do happen, they CAN happen, they MUST happen. THE PRESENT SITUATION is the aberration, the disease, the nightmare; getting Dr. No in the White House would be a return to normalcy.

As Dr. Bob Jones Sr. put it, WHATEVER MUST BE DONE…..CAN BE DONE!

What have I done for the Paul campaign this past week? What have you done? If you’re like me in this regard, your answer is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH.

BTW The rally in Greenville SC was a smash success last night — about 1200 people, in the beautiful outdoor amphitheather of the Peace Center for the Performing Arts on the banks of the Reedy River. It was announced beforehand that everybody interested could chat with Dr. No and get their picture taken with him afterward — I assumed it was something he’d agreed to, but as it turns out he insists on it at every stop! The crowd lined up there was no hurry as all spoke their piece and took their turn before the cameras with a 4×8 Ron Paul sign as a backdrop under theater lighting. That took at least an hour. Needless to say, Dr. No has a warm, grandfatherly way despite a grueling campaign schedule. The world’s leading statesman, he is TOTALLY lacking in any form of pretense in person, same as on TV.

* Do you doubt it?