Ron Paul


Dear Chuck,

I appreciate your support of Ron Paul.  While nobody is perfect, he is the ONLY conservative, and the ONLY constitutionalist.  He tells is like it is and that is why the lamestream media hate his guts. A good barometer for picking a candidate is "who does the media hate the most". Even Fox News considers him a kook (Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity).  He is exactly what we need to try and get this overgrown police-state of a government back under control.  He is by far the best one running, and will certainly get my absentee vote on March 6th in the Oklahoma primary.  People need to understand just how far we have strayed from the Constitution and listen to what Paul is saying to try and reign in this monstrous mess we have in Washington.  He is in line with our Founders, but people think he is a kook.  Were our Founders kooks to want limited government and individual liberty?  Yes, what he says is off track with the "main stream", but that is why we need him.  He is NOT main stream. He stands on the principles that formed this great nation, and wants to see us return to them. Thank you for your
informative and interesting emails, and keep up the good work.

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK