The  GREAT Jefferson Davis, a tortured Southern hero, did, IN HIS OWN TIME,  make it quite clear when he said,   "THE PRINCIPLE FOR WHICH WE CONTEND IS BOUND TO REASSERT itself , THOUGH IT MAY BE AT ANOTHER TIME AND IN ANOTHER FORM."

Now is the time—now is the hour! IT IS NOW OR NEVER!

The PRINCIPLES have reasserted themselves in the same form as when they were first in the history of the world obtained for ordinary people through the Magna Carta. Those same principles then appeared, amplified, in the U.S. Constitution and its, to make them perfectly clear, Bill of Rights.  Those same wondrous principles were fought for and became the lost Cause of our South.


RON PAUL is the only OVAL OFFICE candidate in the year 2012 who has dared defend the Confederacy.  He is the only man who has DARED TELL THE TRUTH!

Recently there was a youtube video circulated of our Ron giving just that type of speech. It may have been circulated by Demastus—certainly some Southern patriot did circulate it.   In case Southerners failed to view the Ron Paul-Confederate flag video previously, here is a hyperlink that should let ALL know that Paul is our guy and ONLY PAUL!

Real Southerners know that our flag—our Christian flag- with its beautiful cross — had absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s desire to keep slavery forever.   REAL SOUTHERNERS KNOW the "Uncivil" War was not started by the Republicans to free the slaves.  We all know, or should know, that CONGRESS AND Lincoln were eager to give our ancestors the right to hold blacks forever in bondage if Southerners would shut their Christian mouths, continue to pay the Republicans’ hideous tariffs and allow the Republican government to grow bigger and stronger, and make northern industrialists richer, and let the Republican Radicals"(Communists) control America and get their NEW WORLD ORDER program kick-started..

Were I a “I say I Love the South" Southerner refusing to support Ron Paul, I’d hang my head in shame!   By refusing to support Paul,  I would be guilty of an absolutely cowardly failure to honor my South and the only American  on the PUBLIC STAGE OF POLITICS who had the wisdom to learn the truth about the Confederacy  and  has the guts to  tell it and the brains to know that the very principles for which the men of the South went to war—are once again the very ones that must be reinstalled if this nation we call the United States of America is not to follow the footsteps of the Roman Empire into decay and ruin—destroyed from within.

If there is another American reaching for the Presidency  who is intelligent enough to recognize the  anti-Confederate lies being spat out of the mouths of brain-washed Republicans and brain-erased
Democrats, he  has certainly kept his trap shut or has uttered anti-Confederate slander.  If there’s another candidate for the office of U.S. President who has the bull dog determination to speak the truth and has the true grit it takes to stand up and stand in front of and behind the Confederate flag, let him show his colors.

Oddly, it takes a man born a Yankee, it takes a RON PAUL to understand just how greatly we true Southerners still  value the flag  that members of our Southern families suffered for, were injured for, and died for—a flag that represented our Southern faith in Jesus Christ, in the land on which sat our farm houses, our plantation homes, our churches, our schools,  our crops, our trees, our rivers and lakes and in which were buried our blessed dead.

Any voter or politician with average intelligence should know that Southern history has been lied about before and since the wondrous Republican waged war against women and children, old folks, handicapped folks, and sometimes some soldiers.  We were lied about before, during and after the Republican military dictatorship during Reconstruction—otherwise the worship of Monster Abe Lincoln would not be still ongoing.  To camouflage the genocide and holocaust the Republican Radicals (Communists) inflicted on our South, those wily Marxist propagandists invented some powerfully destructive, obscene lies which was gulped down by most Americans, including professional historians, higher education sycophants, journalists, Democrats, “true" Republicans and "new" socialist-Democrats.  Those anti-South-anti-Bible belt lies were scattered about like so much corn to a flock of chickens to dumb to come in out of the rain.

Anyone with normal brain functioning should be able to sniff the stench of lies and differentiate between their odor and the perfume of truth.  Surely all our elected politicians smell! Surely they are with near normal in intellectual ability, aren’t they? Surely they don’t all think islands will sink if too many Marines are on them! —Our politicians tell us that they are so intellectually superior they know precisely what is good for the rest of us dumbos.  They told us we were brilliant when we were voting for them.  Now we learn that they are convinced that we lost our intelligence immediately upon their assuming office. Recently we’ve also learned that those amazingly intellectually superior politicians actually pass laws without reading them.  Evidently they have concluded either they are so gifted that reading is unnecessary.  Can it be that now is the time to question their mental capacity to legalize how much leather must be in the soles of our shoes, how much water must be in our toilets, how many of our sons and daughters will be mutilated or killed in undeclared wars, and if our kids can take and eat a homemade sandwich at school.

Whether one is a northerner, a westerner, an easterner or a Southerner, certainly now is the time for all good men (and good women too) to come to the aid of their country by voting FOR RON PAUL. If all who say "I’d vote for him, but he can’t win so I must hold my nose and vote for the candidate our Republicans leaders choose-  SHUT UP THAT DEFEATIST BLABBERING  and  Help the rest of us HELP A REAL MAN WIN—THE ONLY SOLDIER CANDIDATE—THE ONLY AMERICAN CANDIDATE STILL CAPABLE OF DOING INDEPENDENT THINKING.