To All:

I have not posted to this list for quite some time…one main reason is that my computer crashed last Sept & I was off line for almost 3 months…other family and various issues, including political issues, have required me to limit my time on the computer as I found out during those three months that I can get a LOT done here at Fort Dixie when I am OFF the computer!

However, I have been reading some of these posts regarding Charles Demastus & his support of Ron Paul…especially the hateful remarks to this man who provides a FREE forum for MANY of us to enjoy in
discussing, sharing information both historical and political.  I dare say that I doubt there were few Southerners back in the 1800’s who did not gather together for a political discussion!!!  Politics seems to be in our DNA especially since we have been vilified by the yankee press and communist national government since BEFORE & AFTER Lincoln!!!!

But it also seems to be a fact that we of Celtic blood tend to "enjoy" a fight among our own when we can’t get in a fight with somebody else…and frankly we have a LOT of outside enemies to fight on a 24/7 basis,  for the enemy NEVER sleeps!

Sooo, I would suggest that all of you who have jumped on Charles about his opinion….just send him a check for his time and effort in supplying you a place where your FIRST amendment is protected!  Charles, what is your hourly wage, hun?  :>)

One more thing….for all of you TEXANS on this list…I will pose the question to you that I ask a LOT of folks while we were in TEXAS last August…all the way to San Antonio….IF RON PAUL IS GOOD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR CONGRESSMAN FOR 10 TERMS WHY ISN’T HE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT???????  It amazes me how many TEXANS like to say "oh, he’s a nut"!!!  Well, that "NUT" is the ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL candidate in the presidential race!!!  Furthermore, he is the ONLY candidate who understands MONEY….and also, it appears to me that he does not like seeing our soldiers come home burned, blind, in a box or with metal legs, arms, hands, or NONE at all!!!!  For all of you who criticize Ron Paul about his foreign policy, you best read the foreign policy of our founding fathers and our Confederate fathers!!!!  WAR goes on because a LOT OF PEOPLE GET RICH OFF OF WARS…and look who pays the REAL price of WAR!!!!!!  I am the mother of sons and the grandmother of a grandson….Ron Paul will get my vote!

The ONLY thing I can say negative about Ron Paul is the fact that I saw him in one of the debates denouncing an accusation of being a racist…he then commenced to GLORIFY Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks…two of the biggest communists this country has seen since Lenin, Stalin and Marx!!!!  NOBODY HAS THE GUTS TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT MARTIN LUTHER KING….he is like that purple-lipped muslim usurper in the Oval Office now….HE IS TOTALLY UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!

Now, if there are any on this list who seem to think Martin Luther King was an AmeriKan Patriot…my number is 334-875-1690…I live in Selma, Alabama….where HISTORY BEGAN AT THE FOOT OF EDMUND PETTUS BRIDGE IN MARCH 1965…we can take this discussion to the phone!

Confederately yours,

Pat Godwin
Selma, Alabama