[VAcourier] Ron Maxwell at Arlington National Cemetery
From: hk.edgerton@gmail.com
To: kparsons4@cox.net
Dear Ken,
I have read the posting of Mr. Maxwell’s speech by the Civil War News, and every other attempt to only post or record the first part of what he said and leave out that which angered most if not all the Southern people, including myself who listened to his diatribe about the Confederate Government, the Honorable Robert E. Lee and the Honorable General Stonewall Jackson. I heard him say that he could and would not honor men like Lee and Jackson or any men who would fight for a government fighting to maintain the economic institution of slavery.
Everything else he said got put out with the garbage after he began his attack on the South. I had a front row seat, and to only take those parts that we agree with and forget the gist of everything else Maxwell said is absolutely insane, and I did not let him leave without telling him so. I tire of people like Maxwell using the slave as his weapon of choice against Southern people while granting some virtuous status to the North in an attempt to sell the idea that the North came South to free the slave and that the period of so called Reconstruction was some kind of Renaissance for the Southern slave.
I would like to hear from all those people who stood to hug and thank me for saving the day after Maxwell finished trashing the South at the Confederate Monument in Arlington national Cemetery, and praising a man like Lincoln who would campaign on the merits of the Corwin Amendment.
Your brother,
HK Edgerton