Ron and Donny


You know Chuck—James Taylor’s response about Ron Paul was short—it did hit the Southern nail right on the head!

I am a Constitutionalist—I am not always a Libertarian if even they violate the Constitution. So, Constitutionalism is the only real Constitutional truth—that all States—not just those in the South are Sovereign Republics within the Constitution! That is what our Founding Fathers “Founded! For Goodness Sake!

We, as Southerners should focus our attention now on a Candidate who can come successfully against the Republicans and Democrats. Ron Paul is the only Constitutionalist.

Many of my ancestors died at the hands of such war criminals and terrorists as Sherman. Many of my wonderful compatriots and relatives fought for the Constitution that our Founding Fathers wrote. We need to get back to the ideals of Constitutionalism.

Donny Kennedy just left the Republican race for President. I would suggest that Donny go for the Vice Presidential nomination with Ron Paul—my gracious!!!!!!!!! We speak of the South rising again. What a wonderful ticket that would be!!

Let’s try and persuade Donny not to give up entirely but to go for the VP place on the ballot.

I really have this feeling that this is the year of the South and the year of the Constitution! Let’s go for it with everything we Confederate Constitutionalists have to muster!!

God will vindicate us—Deo Vindici!

Come on dear Southern compatriots—let’s go for the big Mogilla!!!!!!

Blessings to all—Love in Christ,

Archpriest Seraphim Stephens
Traditional Southern Christian

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever! (English)

Slava Isusu Chistu! Slava na Vikki! (Slavonic)