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Subject: Re: Mitt Romney & the Confederate Battle Flag.

Yep, and the Alabama Democratic Party sanctions one voter for questing their Candidate Soetoro a.k.a. Obama Eligibility.  They hang their hat and authority on Alabama Statute 17-16-44.  Did we miss the January 2012 Election?

It appears to be an error that this court would have NO jurisdiction. It’s under 17-13-84, Filing statements of contests. Any nomination that is contested goes to the state executive committee and is supposed to be heard in the circuit court, which issues subpoenas for witnesses and orders production of documents.  ???  Where is the State Executive Committee?

Alabama Voters should be outraged that the Alabama Democratic Party sanctioned and threatened full wrath of the Party against a Alabama voter if he didn’t keep his mouth shut over an Alabama Code which clearly does not apply to Candidate Nominations.  What gives?


On Thu, Jan 19, 2012, Craig Maus <> wrote:

Dear Harold, (hundreds bcc herein),

Each Party is but the Other Wing  of the Same Bird.

The Inter-Net has finally allowed us the ability to confer with One-Another from across this Great Divide thus contributing to an ‘Awakening’ these Federals FEAR.

It is to that end, they are in Damage Control, Defcon 5 Mode.

Thus their MANY questionable Laws and Programs designed to close and shut down the inevitable resistance that is surely coming.

Before the ‘Net’ and Cable News, we were all held hostage to the whims of 3 Networks.

These 3 Networks championed & combined to advance the undertakings of these Federals. 

When this Confederate Society was formed in 1992, we took up where our forefathers left off.

We tried to explain via clear and direct articulation a series of events that had been carried out & over the last 150 years beginning in 1865 and before.

I have routinely referred to these events much like a  ‘Series of Dot-Connecting’.

Once they were inter-connected, the Picture that would reveal itself to one & all would become most apparent, but quite odious.

1865 was the Official Beginning of the End for this Republic.

There is NO Constitutional Recognition whatsoever that either Party subscribes to any longer- it’s ALL Theater and the most prolific Kabuki Dance to have ever been un-leashed upon and un-suspecting Electorate this World has ever seen.

Unfortunately, this has all been made possible via International Capitulation and Collaboration via the various Central Banks who have combined to prostitute EACH & Every Country’s Identity & Origin.

This Country was at its BEST when it WAS TRULY FREE and Independent of Central Government.

Our People wanted for NOTHING and contributed in creating Wealth and Prosperity for themselves as there was NO impediment preventing them from so doing.

The dollar was based upon a Gold Standards that forced Washington to maintain self-control allowing for the dollar to become the single-most dynamic in terms of purchasing power this world has ever seen.

And EVERYONE wanted to own it.

Washington knew full well that Optimum Power and Control would NOT be advanced under those conscripts that prevented them from so doing under the Original U.S. Constitution- so they first had to debase it.

The American ‘Civil War’ was the beginning of that debasement.

The subsequent Reconstruction of the South following the Confederate Republic’s Military loss, was the beginning of that debasement thru

Political Reconstruction of the South that ultimately consumed the North as well….only they weren’t wise to it as most simply thought it was the South that was being ‘justifiably’ punished.

What followed was the 2nd element- the THEFT OF THE PEOPLE’S TREASURY via the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

These Private Bankers have been advancing themselves ever since in their procreation of this Country’s People’s money thru a revised and Socialized Money-Scheme.

The Gold Standard would ultimately and conveniently go and the last element in their dubious methodology for the advancement of their Collective Ideology, would be the creation of the Nanny State via Federal Entitlements in the 1960’s under Johnson’s ‘OFFICIAL’ Great American Society Program and the establishment of every SINGLE Federal Department in existence today.

When we were detailing ALL this, we within the Society were of course painted and described by their various Special Interest Legions by those names that have now become familiar to most.

This was ALL part of that deliberate deception to QUIET that one prevailing element they thought was left in the dust at ‘Appomattox’.

So Sir, and to many alike, ‘Are Y’all Now Beginning to Understand what has been going on for Some Time’ ?

That War of long ago was NO more fought over a single issue than I am Barack Hussein Obama.

ALL that had been ‘circling’ long before 1860 was coming to a head because the Southern Theater of this Nation, at the time, realized the weak links and what they would do (Central Oligarch’s) to this Republic if not challenged.

As such, they decided to leave in Peace and it was NOT the Southern Confederacy who invaded Washington, but the Demagogues of War under Lincoln whose background, if ever read and researched by anyone, would reveal and tell much.

…..that of course would suggest an ‘educational system’ that still practiced the advancement of American History….of course, there too, it has become sanitized to make Politically Correct all they have done and are continuing to do!

God help us ALL now.

It’s Now 1860 Once More,

Respectfully and Confederately,
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America