Roland Martin
Roland Martin actually responded to my letter and his short, insulting response is included here. What is not included is my short, even more insulting, one-line response back to him, which is simply not fit for publication in mixed company.
Your ignorance is appalling, as is your lack of tolerance for any opinion other than your own. Trying to argue history with you would be like trying to recite Shakespeare to a pig, but, here goes…..
First, no one died and made you king. Some of us out here feel that the Confederate soldier was a worthy American and that his cause had merit. If that upsets you….well, that’s just too bad! This is a free country and we have a right to our opinion and to the expression of it. If you don’t like Confederate history month, then don’t celebrate it. That’s your right. What is not your right is to try and tell us what to do or how to feel about it. We live here too, we pay taxes too, we are citizens too, and our opinions and "feelings" count just as much as yours or anyone else’s. 
2 – There are, at present, approximately 500 Confederate soldiers buried in Arlington National Cemetery. They are there because, at least according to the government they fought against, they are American veterans. You might also want to look up public law number 85-425, May 23, 1958. It clearly states that the Confederate soldier is an American veteran. It makes no reference to him being "a terrorist." or a "nazi".  
And please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of us out here are as deaf, dumb and blind as your typical CNN viewer. A lot of us can recognize the old tactic of personally demonizing an opponent instead of arguing facts with him. Whether it’s pointing a finger at someone and yelling “Witch” in 1710, or pointing a finger at someone and yelling “Terrorist” in 2010, this cheap tactic is something that a lot of folks can still recognize as easily as they can recognize cow flop when they step in it.  
3. About your “Nazi” analogy – 
Many prominent Confederates, among them, Jefferson Davis, Judah Benjamin and Mary Chestnut, made the following statement, "All we ask is to be left alone." I know almost as much about the history of WWII as I do about our civil war and for the life of me, I cannot remember any nazi of any rank ever uttering those words between 1933 and 1945. My guess is that it is because simply wanting to be “left alone” is not a part of the national socialist philosophy. In fact, their philosophy is the exact opposite. They coerce others into adopting their way – just like you do. – Strike one on your nazi analogy. 
Nazi Germany sent its armies crashing over its neighbors’ borders in an effort to dominate them. The South declared its independence and fought a 4 year long defensive struggle, mostly on its own territory, against armies sent to subjugate it. Seems to me that if you want to find a "nazi analogy" in America’s civil war that you’d have to look north of the mason dixon line, not south of it. It was the north that sent its armies across the border to attack its neighbor, not the south. -Strike two on your nazi analogy. No balls, no strikes, nobody on base. 
If you are that desperate to find a nazi analogy, I do have one for you, in the form of one of Abe Lincoln’s biggest fans: 
“The individual states of the American Union could not have possessed any state sovereignty of their own. For it was not these states that formed the Union, on the contrary it was the Union which formed a great part of the so-called states.” Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, New York, Houghton Mifflin 1998. (from “Lincoln Unmasked”, Thomas DiLorenzo, Page 82, Crown Forum Publishing, New York, 2006) 
Strike 3, you’re out! So much for your Nazi analogy. 
Finally, according to your logic, anyone who defends himself, at any time, for whatever reason, is a terrorist. That’s rich! Last time I checked, the Confederates did not strap themselves up with explosives to blow up innocent civilians. Nor did they fly planes into buildings to kill same. According to your logic, the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, the 184 men at the Alamo, the handful of rag tag civilians in the Warsaw ghetto, the plains Indian who took on the U.S. cavalry and the Polish cavalry which took on German tanks, were all terrorists. There is nothing I can or will say to refute such logic. Such logic refutes itself. 
I suppose I should thank you and all the other moralistic, self-absorbed whiners, who piled out of the woodwork to express angst and rage after Virginia’s proclamation. Your behavior is a reminder of what our ancestors fought against – an army of arrogant, blowhard busybodies intent on forcing their way of doing things down someone else’s throat and doing it, no matter what the cost. Your display also served as a “teaching moment.” It taught us why our ancestors preferred to go down swinging, rather than remain in the same union with a bunch of reprobates like you. And it was a reminder that their sacrifices, regardless of the outcome, were well worth the effort. 
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Associate Member, Camp 3000, Camp 1506 
"The proud self-sacrifice, the resolute and daring courage, the high and steadfast devotion to the right as each man saw it, whether Northerner or Southerner – these qualities render all Americans forever the debtors of those who in the dark days from 1861-1865 proved their truth by their endeavor. Here around Richmond, here in your own State, there lies battlefield after battlefield, rendered forever memorable by the men who counted death as but a little thing when weighted in the balance against doing their duty as it was given them to see it……" Theodore Roosevelt, 1903

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Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010
So do supporters of Al-Qaeda. They find them worthy of adulation.
Maybe the Confederates are dancing in heaven with 70 virgins.