Robert E. Lee
Mr. President,
Washington & Lee University should completely deny the demands of the 7 disgruntled students who knew the history of this university & by their enrolling in W & L agreed to accept its history & traditions.
Robert E. Lee said that he could not take up the sword against his own family & home, Virginia. All he & the other Southerners wanted was to leave the Union peacefully but, the north did not let them do so.
Your question to the 7 students should be, why would you want to replace Robert E. Lee with known communist & honor them as it is their cancerous beliefs that have and are destroying America from within, not Gen. Lee or any other Southerner/Confederate.
Google for a background of those they would have your university in the place of Gen. Lee & read of their communist activities & associations during the Civil Rights Movement for yourself. Or, wait until the government & F.B.I. opens the files on them & read the truth about them. If they are so American & squeaky clean why are their files sealed from public view to begin with? Robert E. Lee does not have an F.B.I. file, his life`s accomplishments are open for the world to see in the clear light of day.
So explain to me how honoring known communist is better than honoring Robert E. Lee?
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.