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RE: RI closer to changing state name over slavery
/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS, with apologies to truth lovers and Dixie defenders in the Ocean State: The lawmakers there are forgetting a few things.
1. Rhode Island’s name will still be a total misnomer — the state is not an island.
2. There’s been not a word of criticism over "Plantations" part of the the name — has there?
3. Even if there is, yankee states are exempt.
Wait a minute — I seem to be forgetting a few things:
1. Dropping a few long-forgotten, long-since disused words from the state’s name is light punishment for RI’s central role in the slave industry during its heyday, so RI *is* in fact getting off phenomenally easy by yankee-lib standards.
2. So what if there’s no issue? That’s how politicians operate — create a non-issue to distract everyone from the real, great big ones. Or to stoke up useful conflict between different "diversity" groupings, most notably blacks and whites.
3. The liberal establishment won’t skip a beat over this. The real slave "issues" will remain the wholesome Confederate flag, not the sickeningly shameful slave burial ground recently discovered and formalized in Manhattan; the South’s self-defense in the 1860s, not the North’s continuation of "Reconstruction" to the present day; and the alleged mistreatment of slaves in old Dixie, not the millions of slave skeletons in Rhode Island’s closet and the fact that much of New England’s present-day wealth goes back to the likes of those martyrs to yankee greed and chutzpah.